This is an incredible series with a very strong message for young viewers. Wild Kratts are two brothers Martin and Chris Kratt. They love exploring nature and helping animals. They have a team who makes a special suit for them every time they are studying an animal. This suit enables them to feel like that animal. This enables helps them to overcome various animals’ issues like endangered animals being killed for food or their fur. Watch our videos to find more.
Wild Kratts movies:
Table of Contents:

Random cartoonrefresh

Season 1
04. Flight of the Draco
06. Platypus Cafe
07. Polar Bears Don't Dance
08. Build It Beaver
09. Voyage of the Butterflier XT
10. Honey Seekers

14. Tazzy Chris
21. Falcon City
27. Zig Zagged
29. Seasquatch
34. Little Howler
35. Birthday Present

37. Birds Of a Feather
40. Stuck on Sharks

Season 2
03. Creature Power Challenge
05. Turkey Day New
09. The Black Jaguar
10. Touch a Hummingbird New
11. Rainforest Stew
13. Speaking Dolphinese Part 1

14. Speaking Dolphinese Part 2
16. Tortuga Tune Up
17. Blowfish Blowout New
18. Road Runner
19. Jaw Rescuer of The Reef
20. Snow Runners Part 1

21. Snow Runners Part 2
22. Attack of the Alien Tree Eaters
23. Rattlesnake Crystal
25. Desert Elves
26. Journey To The Subnivean Zone

Season 3
01. Hermit crab shell
02. When Fish Fly
03. Slider the Otter
04. Mosquito Dragon
05. Under Frozen Pond
06. Search for the Florida Panther

07. Osprey
08. Opossum in My Pocket
11. Crocogator Contest
12. The Amazing Creature Race!
13. Prairie Who
14. Mystery On The Prairie

15. Fossa Palooza