This series is about a boy named Andy Larkin who is a mischievous teen and the "world's greatest prankster". He loves to have fun and prank people. He lives in the town of East Gackle. He has a best friend Danny Pickett, who helps him in his mischievous endeavors. His rivals include his elder sister, Jan Larkin and the bullies Peter Lik and Andrew Leech, who are always forcing him to do things. Want to know more? Watch our videos.
Whats with Andy? movies:
Table of Contents:

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Season 1
01.Just Stuffing
02. Gooey Chewies
03. Beat The Bomb
04. Rhyme Time
05. Food Fight
06. Underpants / Playing Dead

07. The Show Must Go On
08. Emergency Spew Relish / Busting
09. Very Bad Idea - Cockroaches
10. It Came From East Gackle
11. Campaign In The Butt
12. Road Trip / Snow Job

13. Best Enemies
14. Mascot
15. Wag the Kid
16. Little Foot / Grandpa Crazy
17. Un-Masked Marauders
18. The Great American Lock-In

19. Teendreamboats
20. Pranks A Lot
21. The Royal Secret Society Of Zombies
22. Bring It Off
23. Gnome For The Holidays
24. Merry Chaos

25. Very Scary Stuff
26. The Answers

Season 2
01. What's With Jean Thomas
02. The Fortunate One
03. The Musical Fruit
04. Weight to go, Andy!
05. The Toilet Paper Fiasco
06. Prankster to the Core Part 1

07. Prankster to the Core Part 1
08. Food For Thought
09. Prank and Field Day Part 1
10. Prank and Field Day
11. Mind Games
12. Nurse Jen

13. Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
14. Andysaurus Rex
15. Molasses
16. A Match Made in East Gackle
17. Lights, Camera, Oops
18. New Kid on the Chopping Block

19. Stone Cold
21. The Buck Stops Here!
22. Life is a Lottery, Old Chum
23. Bluebeard's Crate
24. Spanky Pranky Hanky Panky
25. Daddy Dearest

26. The Party
27. All Dressed to Go
28. Goes to Moosehoof

Season 3
01. Romancing the Prank
02. Andy Pranky Pudding and Pie
03. Heart of Prankness
04. Don't Shoot the Messenger
05. Scary Teri
06. Hapless Anniversary

07. To Kill a Caribou
08. Pranks are in the Air
09. I Fall to Pieces
10. She Pranks Me, She Pranks Me Not
11. Prank a Razzi
12. On The Farm

13. The exchange student
14. Daddy! (Dad for a Week)
15. Scooped
16. The Boy Who Cried Woof
17. A Ghost of A Prank
18. One Good Prank Deserves Another

19. It Lurks In The Crawl Space
20. Prank Watch
21. The Pranks Days of Summer
22. The Gift of Prank
23. Prank o Mania
24. The Prank that Never Happened

25. Master Mom
26. A Passing Prank