This series is full of very lively characters and mini skits. Each episode begins with new characters and is full of humor. There is Wakko and Yakko. Buttons is a watch-dog. Boo is a giant chicken. Pinky and the Brain are two mice. Bobby, Pesto, and Squit are the pigeons. Rita and Runt are a cat and dog team. There is also Slappy the squirrel and many more. To meet these awesome creatures, check out our videos.
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Table of Contents:

Random cartoonrefresh

Season 1
002. The monkey song
003. Nighty-night toon
004. Yakko's world
009. Yakko's universe
017. What are we
020. The warner's lot song

034. Little old slappy from pasadena
041. The great wakkorotti
045. Chicken boo-ryshnikov
052. Wakko's america
053. Davy omelette
057. Be careful what you eat

064. A midsummer night's dream
065. Testimonials
066. Babblin' bijou
069. You risk your life
082. The great wakkorotti
084. Planets song

086. Cartoons in wakko's body
088. The big kiss
092. Very special opening
094. No place like homeless
095. Katie ka-boo
101. General boo regard

105. Alas poor skullhead
108. The slapper
110. Buttermilk
113. Animator's alley
119. Useless facts
120. The senses

131. Lake titicaca
137. Jingle boo
138. The great wakkorotti
139. Toy shop terror
140. Yakko's universe
148. I'm cute

154. Schnitzelbank
157. Kung boo
160. Wakko's gizmo
167. The chicken who loved me
170. Katie ka-boom
173. MacBeth

176. Katie ka-boom