The Secret World of Santa Claus is a famous Christmas series loved by all of the kids. It shows the great Santa Claus planning to distribute Christmas gifts to nice kids. But his plans are ruined by vile trolls, Guzzle-beard and Dudley. Although in the end their evil plans fail and Santa succeeds in delivering his amazing presents to the cute kids. Help Santa on his mission to make children smile by watching our videos.
The Secret World of Santa Claus movies:

Random cartoonrefresh

A Present for Santa
A Present for Two
Balthazar Can't Make Up His Mind
Christmas for Dudley
Havoc in Toyland
Leon's Christmas

Little Geniuses
Magic Wand
Message in a Bottle
Rudolph is Missing
Santa Claus' Memoirs
Santa Claus' Secrets

Stolen Christmas
Super Rabbit
The 12 Labours of Santa Claus
The Boy Who Wished to be Little Again
The Christmas Conference
The Flying Carpet

The Longest Night
The Lucky Charm
The Magic Pear
The Return of Santa Claus
The Starchild
The Story of the Trolls

The Tall Little Girl
The Teddy Bear