Noddy is a cute and tiny wooden boy. He was made by a woodcarver but then the woodcarver started carving lions which scared little Noddy so he ran away. Now he is looking for a home. Will the toys of Toyland accept him? What will he do once he is in the magical world of Toyland? You can watch the videos to find out.
Noddy movies:

Random cartoonrefresh

Above it all
Bounce alert in toyland
Bumpy dogs visit
Catch a falling star
Clockwork mouse wish
Driving miss Pinks cat

Hold on to your hat
Mr Nod and jail bird
Mr Plods litte problem
Mr Sparks and the broken clock
Noddy and the funny pictures
Noddy and the treasure map

Noddy gets lost
Noddy goes shopping
Noddy has a visitor
Noddy helps out
Noddy the artist
Noddy the artist

Noddys car loses his voice
Noddys lucky day
Noddys on the move
Noddys perfect gift
Noddys pet chicken
Shelf help

The flower thief
The Goblins and the invisible paint
The goblins stopwatch
The lost tool
The magic bagpipes
The magic sounds cup

The new taxi
The rainbow chaser
The tell-tall bell
Tickled pink
To many Noddies
Toy towns winning team

Up and away
What strange weather