Chuggington is a town where a posse of friends consisting of Piper, Koko, Toot, Brewer, Hoot and Wilson live. They call themselves the ‘Chuggers’. They are basically locomotive engines in training. They are, colorful, kind and smart. They embark upon new adventures learning new lesson every time about things like completing their tasks, being a good friend, helping each and so on. Watch our videos to learn life lessons with the Chuggers.
Chuggington movies:

Random cartoonrefresh

'We are the Chuggineers' song
Brewster's Crane Training
Capability Badge Quest
Chug of War
Chug Patrol

Flare practice
Koko the Explorer
Lights, Camera, Action Chugger!
Ready to Build
Rolling Reporter Wilson
Snow Rescue special

Snowstruck Wilson
Stop The Press Emery
Tootington Tunnel
Track Laying Brewster
Under Cover Action Chugger