Musti is an adorable cat who loves adventures. Musti’s world is a wonderland full of enchanting creatures and colorful things like houses, plants etc. Musti is just like a baby who is learning to walk. It is so curious about everything and wants to learn new, exciting things. Your toddler can learn a lot with Musti. Check out our videos to meet the inquisitive Musti.
Musti movies:

Random cartoonrefresh

A Gentleman In The Traffic
Adventure In Winter
Back To School
Big And Small
Bongo, The Monkey

Cleaning The Woods
Dolly, The Dolphin
Happy Birthday
Hustle And Bustle In The Woods
Ice Cream For Everyone

In Love With Belle
Miss Tortoise Becomes Greedy
Model Trains
Mr. Dog Is Hungry
Mr. Rabbit's Nephews
Musti At The Farm

Musti Cleans His Toy Closet
Musti Goes To The Moon
Musti Is Ill
Musti's Garden
Musti's New Neighbours
Out Of The Egg

Pancake Party
Save The Tortoise
Sleigh Ride
Snow Rabbit
Sun And The Shadow

The Christmas Tree
The Cock Can't Crow
The Frog Prince
The Little Birds
The Missing Plank
The Racing Cars

The Rainmaker
The Snowman
The Stubborn Bird
The Thieving Magpie
The Timid Little Duckling
Thorns And Quills

Two Rabbits
Who Loves The Rain
Winter Sleep